About Us

About Us


  • Mission

    -To fabricate products that unite the high standards in machine fabrication in order to satisfy the requirements and needs of our clients.

  • Vision

    -To maintain the credibility and prestige of the Unlimited Electro group based on the company values and client necessities.

  • Values

    -Honesty, formality, compromise and excellent customer service.

  • Goals

    -The professional development of our personal, to achieve high levels of productivity, quality and market competition in order obtain new working opportunities in the region.

Company Qualities

  • Integrity

    Unlimited Electro group demands the best standard and moral integrity in each individual and the company. Achieving fair treatment, respect and trust in all levels of the company.

  • Responsibility

    -The delivery of the promises made by the company and its employees motivates us to a constant improvement of our actions and operations. Developing a responsible culture in reach of solutions.

  • Innovation

    -We develop equipment & machinery, based on creativity, flexibility & inventiveness, in order to confront our client’s necessities & requirements.

  • Team Work

    -We practice leadership that teaches, inspire & promotes an active & continuous participation of the personal, always promote communication & integral participation of the personal in active, effective & open relationships.


Border Automation currently has a total of 20 staff members covering the following fields:

• Mechanical design for the automation machinery and processes. (Design Engineers)
• Electrical design in e-plan schematic (Mechatronic and Electromechanical Engineers)
• Supervision in production areas (Mechatronic and Electromechanical Engineers)
• Process Engineers
• Senior mechatronic technicians (6)
• Senior welding and structure technician
• Human resources (Psychology Graduate)
• Accountant
• IT operator in computational systems

Our Clients